Although we support a majority of browsers and platforms, we are unable to support to all the browsers and the platforms just yet. In most of the cases, it is due to technical challenges from the browser / platform side. Following are the cases when your visitors might not be able to subscribe to your store.

  • Incognito / Private Browsing Mode - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari do not offer support for receiving notifications in incognito / private modes. This is probably to keep the privacy issues in check. Following is an image showcasing the difference between the permissions of an Incognito / Private mode (left) and that of a regular browsing mode (right).
  • Apple iOS (iPhones & iPads) - Apple does not support push notifications from stores for iOS devices. However, Apple has this under development and we expect this feature to be released by mid-2018. As soon as this is released, you can expect to send notifications to these devices as well.
  • In-app browsers (Facebook & Instagram) - In-app browsers which are not based on Chrome WebView don't provide the ability for visitors to subscribe to the store notifications. And because no one can subscribe for now, no one can receive notifications either.
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