The following browsers support push notifications:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

This means that visitors to your store using the above browsers on supported platforms can become subscribers to your notifications.

But in a couple of special cases, this might not be possible currently.

  • Incognito / Private Browsing Mode - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari do not offer support for receiving notifications in incognito / private modes. This is probably to keep the privacy issues in check.Following is an image showcasing the difference between the permissions of an Incognito / Private mode (left) and that of a regular browsing mode (right).
  • Apple iOS (iPhones & iPads) - Apple does not support push notifications from stores for iOS devices. However, Apple has this under development and we expect this feature to be released by mid-2018. As soon as this is released, you can expect to send notifications to these devices as well.
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