If your visitors are waiting to purchase a product after its price drops, they can subscribe to notifications for that product.

When you offer a discount or lower the price of that product, they'll be instantly alerted about the drop in price.

To set up in stock alerts, simply log in to your PushOwl dashboard and click on the 'Automation' tab (red arrow on the left pane).

Now, click on the trigger button (blue arrow) next to 'In Stock Alert' to enable it.

You can now customize these notifications by editing the title, message, button labels and the Flyout Widget.

Important: We recommend not to edit the following from the message:

  • {{product_name}} - Placeholder for the name of the product that the visitor has subscribed to.
  • {{subscribed_price}} - Placeholder for the price of the product when the visitor subscribed to the notifications for it.
  • {{current_price}} - Placeholder for the new price of the product after you change the price of this product.
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