If your store visitors are interested in a product which is sold out, they can subscribe to notifications for that product. Here's the workflow for how a back in stock alert is sent by PushOwl:

  • Enable back in stock alerts from the PushOwl dashboard.
  • (Optional) Customize the flyout widget. This flyout widget is shown on the product pages of sold out products.
  • One (or more) subscriber opts in for back in stock alert via the flyout widget, custom button or with Now Back In Stock integration.
  • The subscribers are added to the back in stock "Waitlist". This Waitlist can be seen on the PushOwl dashboard, on the back in stock alert page.
  • When the inventory for the sold out product is increased to more than 0, PushOwl will automatically send out the back in stock alert to the subscribers who wanted to be notified.

Enabling Back In Stock

  • Log in to your PushOwl dashboard
  • Click on 'Back In Stock' from the Automation sub-menu.
  • Then enable Back In Stock Alert by clicking on the trigger button (see screenshot below).
  • You can now customize these notifications by editing the title, message, button labels and the Flyout Widget.

Customizing Flyout Widget

In the screenshot below, you can see the preview of the Back In Stock widget on the right.

You can customize this widget by editing the following:

  • Message (before subscription) - The message which visitors will see before they subscribe to the Back In Stock alert for a product.
  • Yes Button - You can change this from the default 'Get Alert' if you wish to do so.
  • Message (after subscription) - This message will be displayed when the visitor subscribes to the Back In Stock Notification by clicking on the 'Get Alert' button.

How subscribers can opt-in for alerts

There are 3 ways in which your subscribers can opt-in to the back in stock alert for the product they are interested in.

1. Flyout Widget

This is the default method for subscribing to back in stock alerts. Whenever someone visits the product page for a sold out product, a bell icon will be shown in the bottom left corner. When this bell icon is clicked, a flyout message will be displayed (see screenshot below).

You can edit the message in the flyout widget by following the steps outlined in the previous section "Customizing Flyout Widget".

2. Custom Buttons

By making a few changes to the theme code, you can also design custom buttons for back in stock subscription. The buttons can be designed and made to look native on your store (see screenshot below).

The documentation for implementing these custom buttons can be found here.

3. Now Back In Stock Integration

PushOwl's integration with Now Back In Stock app allows you to manage and send alerts for back in stock products via emails, SMS and push notifications from just one platform.

By setting up the integration with Now Back In Stock for your store, the custom buttons are implemented via the app itself, without requiring any theme changes to be done manually.

Above is an example of how the subscription box appears with the integration between PushOwl and Now Back in Stock.

The set-up steps for this integration can be found here.

When are Back In Stock Alerts sent?

Once anyone subscribes to back in stock alerts for any product, they will be added to the "Waitlist" for that specific product. As soon as you increase the inventory of the out of stock product to more than 0 from your Shopify Products dashboard, PushOwl will automatically send a notification to those subscribers who opted in to receive the back in stock alert.

NOTE: In case you have enabled checkout for sold out products, PushOwl's back in stock automation will not function as normal.

Back In Stock Alerts: FAQ

If someone opts in for back in stock alert, will they be able to receive other notifications as well?

Yes. When someone opts in for back in stock notifications, they become a subscriber to your store. Which means that any other notifications (including campaigns, abandoned cart reminders and other automated notifications) sent from your store can be received by them.

Will the subscribers who have opted in for back in stock alerts to a product receive this notification every time the product is restocked?

No. Whenever someone subscribes to back in stock alerts to any product, they will receive the alert only the first time you restock the product after it was sold out. The only way subscribers can receive the notification multiple times is if they resubscribe to the back in stock alert the next time it is sold out.

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